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FIC: Lament

Title: Lament
Characters: Ten and Donna
Spoilers: Planet of the Ood
Author's Notes: Just watched Planet of the Ood. Subsequently committed drabble. So here it is, a tiny h/c missing scene. (Thanks to wendymr  for suggesting a title that worked better.)

“But you can still hear it!” she nearly sobs.

“All the time,” he replies, barely able to hear his own voice through the overpowering song.

It’s too much, too loud. He should turn away, but he can’t. He’s transfixed.

He bows his head until his forehead bangs against the bars. The song fills his mind.

Captivity. Anguish. Despair.

Suddenly, there are hands on his face, pulling him away.

It’s Donna. Why has she put her hands there? She can’t contact his mind this way.

She isn’t trying to. She’s wiping away his tears.

“We’ll help them,” she says resolutely.

Tags: doctor who, drabble, fic
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