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FIC: Triangles, Timestamped

At wendymr's request, Triangles has been extended with a timestamp at plus one week.

I didn't do it on purpose, but it came out as a foursome of roughly triangular shaped half-drabbles. :-)

It’s been a week.
And yet still the TARDIS sits there.
He’s been rested and relatively healthy for several days now.
And yet still they watch him, his two humans, all concerned looks and worried glances.
He knows why. Sometimes, he’s a little bit worried, too.
Rhomboids, whispers his mind.
They watch him.
He drifts to a halt mid step, or mid word.
He looks confused and lost, perhaps even frightened.
And then his eyes find them… rhomboids, triangle, us… and he sighs shakily.
They lead him to bed. He lets himself be held between them.
He feels safer there.
Slowly, it fades.
The feelings of barely restrained panic.
The moments of not knowing where or when he is.
The memories of wondering if he’d ever return alive, ever see them again.
He leads them to bed, and fits himself snugly between them.
Finally able to admit he needs them.
It’s time to go.
The planet is safe, there’s no more reason to stay.
The TARDIS can hover in the Vortex, instead, waiting patiently.
So they find themselves in bed again, now out of habit, each content to cuddle the others.
The rhomboids are finally, truly gone.

The triangle remains.
Tags: doctor who, fic, timestamp
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