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Ye Olde Timestampe Meme

Well, since certain people seemed to want to see this sooner rather than later, here it is. I'm officially throwing everything I've written except for Growing Pains open to the timestamp meme.

Give me one of my own stories, other than Growing Pains, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started. I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Prompt away! :-D



Apr. 28th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
But I'm glad to have a new friend. :)

Me, too!

I come and go somewhat randomly, as well. You came across my stories while I was in the midst of an active posting binge. Normally, grad school tends to take over large amounts of my otherwise free time. :-)

The plot bunnies are busily chewing away on Heat Tolerance. Expect something soon after the Passing Notes timestamp fic gets posted, which will hopefully be later this week.
Apr. 30th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Woohoo! New fic, either way. I've still got a few things to read, but I know I'm fast running out - so good news. :)

Yes, grad school can be a time and attention monster. I kept thinking it would get better after I graduated, but somehow I think it's gotten worse -- or I got into bad habits! More likely. How much longer do you have in your program? And what happens at the end for you?
May. 12th, 2008 03:52 pm (UTC)
If I survive my finals today and tomorrow, I'll by halfway through a two year program. As for what happens at the end... other than me being able to add "MS in Mathematics (Education)" on my CV? I don't have the foggiest. I've only just begin to think about where to go next or what to do.

Is there really life after grad school? Because there sure as heck isn't any life in grad school.

But, I have written 30 pages of fic unrelated to anything I said I was going to write over the past couple of weeks. It's posted to the Spoon and just waiting for the mods. :-)


Adalia Zandra


This is adaliazandra's fic journal, which she hadn't planned to use very often. That plan has since been defenestrated in favor of posting fic update notices and rambles about DW and TW.

If you note the spiffy paid-account layout, that's because nightrider101 is simply the most wonderful person ever! :-)

If I seem to have disappeared off the face of the Internet, it's because I probably did. I don't actually *like* suddenly ignoring my LJ friends and leaving my stories hanging, though, so odds are I'll be back eventually.