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FIC: Growing Pains 6/7 - Guilt and Reason

Hello one and all! Guess how long I've been awake? That's right... OMIGOSH WAY WAY TOO LONG. But, I give you fic.

And a teaser in case the mods still haven't gotten to it by the time all you normal people are awake and see this...

Jack turned back to the toaster, and blinked at it.

It remained a toaster.

Sighing philosophically, Jack carefully disconnected the toaster from its power supply and turned it upside down over the dustbin. He shook it experimentally, deciding to ignore the ominous clunk that the dustbin subsequently emitted.

And since while that bit of text is amusing, it is also a sorry excuse for a teaser, here's another one...

The Doctor’s gaze dropped down to the sofa cushion between them, his expression going momentarily blank.

“That well, huh?” Jack said sympathetically.

“Trying not to think about it, actually,” the Doctor admitted, sounding almost guilty.

“It’s okay,” Jack reassured him. “You don’t have to fixate on it, you’re allowed to just spend a day relaxing and having fun. That’s pretty much the whole point, actually. But we probably ought to at least talk about that nightmare of yours.”

The Doctor’s face went blank again.

That's better, isn't it? This part is, as I said in the author's note for it on Teaspoon, somewhat epic... so much happens, such a wide range of emotional expression for this pair of characters. It was wonderfully fun to write and it's my favorite part so far.

But I already think the final part is going to be my favorite, overall. I am already bouncing in authorly glee over it, even though I've yet to write a word of it, because it's time to tie everything together and fill in the missing bits of this story.

I do have one question for those of you who are interested. I don't promise to follow your suggestions, if you have any, but I will certainly think about them carefully.

I could easily write Rose into the final part, as a fully involved character. It would require her immortality and an assumed Doomsday fix that will surely be Russelled fairly well by S4. It would make this officially an OT3 story, and I could see that working nicely.

But I can also see it just feeling like something that got tacked on at the end with little justification. The story that I'm trying to tell doesn't need Rose, and it's been all about the relationship between Jack and the Doctor up until now. There's no need to complicate it into an OT3 story.

Thoughts, anyone?


Mar. 22nd, 2008 01:21 am (UTC)
See my reply to her comment about her suggestions above...

The sequel is now simmering away on a back burner, waiting to see if there are any plot bunnies around to thicken the stew. (Hmmm... plot bunny stew... yay for food metaphors!)

I know I've said it before, but I'm so, so happy that you like my stories that much. It makes me feel all warm-fuzzy... like Jack-hugs and Doctor-grins, if that makes any sense! :-)

The final part is in progress... may or may not quite make the Sunday night deadline, but I feel pretty good about having written so much this week already. (I've written the beginning of that 'Meat' rewrite, though not quite enough to post it yet.) It's been a productive Spring Break!
Mar. 22nd, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
*starts feeding your bunnies*

I'd LOVE to see some true OT3 from you. :) You know I'm not above begging. LOL

Aww! Jack-hugs and Doctor-grins! Those are both good things! I'm thrilled my reviews make you feel that way.

Eh, to hell with the deadline. You've accomplished so much this week! Walk tall, my friend!
Mar. 22nd, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
The OT3 has long since become the only natural pairgrouping for these characters in my mind. They just... fit, you know? I've got an entire sub-species of OT3 plot bunnies. Been ignoring them lately, due to other episode related projects like GP, but they'll make a comeback eventually. :-)

Now, if only I could be that productive with my take home midterm (due Tuesday).

Fic? Or midterm? Decisions, decisions... :-P


Adalia Zandra


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