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FIC: Growing Pains 5/7? - Intervention

In honor of Spring Break and the challenge to finish this story this week, I give you part five of Growing Pains. As my stories often seem to do, this part takes a bit of a wrong turn somewhere along the way and winds up heading somewhere completely unintended and rather more wonderful than my original plans.

A teaser while we wait for the 'Spoon...

Jack tried to think back, to remember when their arrangement of unspoken mutual support had begun, and when it had begun to change the Doctor’s tightlipped coping mechanisms. Had it been as far back as this regeneration? Was that what Jack needed to show him now?

Jack had already come to the conclusion that waiting wasn’t going to help his friend any more than it already had. It was fairly clear that if the Doctor had known how to fix himself this time, he wouldn’t have run so far out of his own timeline in desperation.

Tags: doctor who, fic, growing pains, old!jack
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