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FIC: Growing Pains 4/7? - Pass the Time, and Gallifreyan Mood Theme Part II

As soon as the Teaspoon mods get done with it, part four of Growing Pains will be available! Meanwhile, here's a teaser...

The fully dressed Doctor wandered in a while later, as if he had a magic radar for just-ready tea, and settled himself back into his seat from the night before after grabbing a cup from Jack.

As Jack chewed on his toast, he watched the Doctor once more commune with a mug of tea. It almost didn’t matter that the Time Lord wasn’t talking. His thoughts were plainly painted across his face. Guilt and hurt still covered him like shroud, but instead of fixating on it he seemed to just be… empty. The calm waters smothered deep beneath the raging surface of an entire ocean.

In other news... my Gallifreyan Mood Theme is finished! All 132 distinct mood doodles are uploaded and ready to go. The snaggable icon versions are nearly ready, they will get their own post as soon as I figure out how to do an icon table.

Go ahead, click the link and look at the mood theme. It's shiny. And I'm still offering a drabble to the prompt of your choice to the person who can figure out why I drew what I did for 'bitchy'... think Doctor Who related. :-)
Tags: doctor who, fic, gallifreyan, growing pains, livejournal, old!jack
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