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Gallifreyan Mood Theme

(musicwmnvla, this post might interest you even though it is certainly fannish. It has to do with emotive doodles and expressive art!)

I've always wanted to do a custom mood theme... and now I can, which has me bouncing happily with glee! :-D So I spent most of yesterday evening (including the two hours of boring class) doodling onto a printout I made which has a box for each of the 132 mood words. I've finished and uploaded 60 of them, including the minimum 15 you need to set up a complete custom theme (with the rest inheriting from those 15). They've been scanned in and I'm slowly but surely cropping them out and uploading them. Hence, shiny new (halfway uploaded) Gallifreyan mood theme!

And, incidentally, I've been making an icon of each mood word as I go along. When I have all 132 of them drawn and scanned and cropped and uploaded, I'll do a massive icon dump post so you can peruse them all if you wish. (Speaking of which, does anybody know how to do one of those spiffy icon tables? I've never bothered to figure it out, since I never thought I'd need it...) Those will be freely snaggable once they're done, though I don't plan to use them myself. I've decided I like sticking with my old standby, Mr. Stick. I like to think that my icon has actually become iconic (of me). But that might just be because I like puns.

I've been having ridiculous fun doodling the mood words in my interpretation of Gallifreyan. Some of them are blatantly translatable, like the one on this post (a stylistic paint pallet if I ever saw one). Some of them may only ever make sense to my strange mind. And some of them, some of my favorites, really, are Doctor Who related. The doodle for 'content' is a caricature of Nine, Rose, and Jack which still somehow looks like a bit of (my style of) Gallifreyan text. Things like that.

As another example: A drabble to the prompt of your choice to the first person who figures out why I drew what I did for the 'bitchy' doodle. :-)

Ah, good, dorky fun. I is happy. 


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Mar. 10th, 2008 01:07 am (UTC)
Dude, that rocks.
Major kudos, btw, for making your own mood icon set. I just looked at the existing ones and picked the image I thought best fit each mood.

Edited at 2008-03-10 01:11 am (UTC)
Mar. 10th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)

That didn't take me two whole days, not at all... I haven't had so much fun in ages.
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