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FIC: Growing Pains 2/? - Communicate

The second part of Growing Pains is on its way to the Teaspoon mods. Here's a teaser...

Jack held for a beat longer, before finally speaking again.

"You are welcome here as long as you feel you need to stay, on one condition," he warned. When the Doctor nodded slightly, Jack continued, "I need to know exactly where you are in your personal timeline, or this is too far beyond unsafe and right past courting disaster, directly into unexpectedly eloping with it and then settling down to have sixteen kids together. So I need you to tell me what happened, Doctor."

There was fear in the Doctor's eyes then, just before they slid shut and he turned away again.

Jack let him turn, but moved his hand down to his shoulder and squeezed reassuringly.


Tags: doctor who, fic, growing pains, old!jack
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