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Drabble: Evidence

Title: Evidence
Author: Adalia
Characters: Mrs. Hudson, John/Sherlock
Rating/Warning: none
Summary: Mrs. Hudson often wondered what her boys were up to.
Author's Note: Written for a Drabble Week prompt from nightrider101.

Mrs. Hudson often wondered what her boys were up to. And though she was their landlady, and not their housekeeper, she did occasionally find herself noticing certain evidence in 221B.

Heavens no, not evidence of that! She didn't dare venture into their bedrooms, or look too closely at their laundry.

But she’d long suspected that John was less innocent in Sherlock’s shenanigans than he appeared to be.

So when she finally caught John happily helping Sherlock construct a tower out of cutlery and some twine, for God alone knew what reason, she just smiled fondly and left them to it.

Tags: bbc sherlock, drabble, drabble week, fic, meme
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