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Authorly Update: Sherlock's Violin

So I can now play Irene's Theme from S2 of Sherlock. This is the "sad music" John catches Sherlock composing on his violin at the flat when (that spoilery thing happens). Such a gorgeous melody!

I've had to learn it off the soundtrack album recording so I've really had to pay attention to the patterns in it, and how the same pattern is actually played differently the second time, giving it a completely different emotion. It's a grand total of about 40 seconds of music and it not only tells a story, it tells grand epics... if you're listening for them.

I still have to go back and rewatch that scene in the ep to hear how Sherlock plays it himself. The only thing I remember about it off the top of my head is how cringe-worthy BC's violin technique was, and how much they'd over-tightened his bow. It looked terrible, honestly. But, as a violin teacher, I can admit that it isn't easy to learn to make your arms, wrists, and fingers move the way a real violinist's do. Hey... who do I contact to offer to give BC some free violin lessons? :-D

This is all of course only encouraging my violin-related plot bunnies, which I hope to set free while I'm up in VT next week. I have plans to work on my various unfinished DW fics, and get at least some solid plotting done for this Sherlock violin fic idea. My head is already up in VT, actually... I can hardly focus on anything else. Only two more days at work left now...



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