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Authorly Update: Wait, there really are tornadoes here!?

Okay, so I knew I was moving into Tornado Alley. But somehow it didn't really sink in until I found myself hanging out in the basement of my office with the rest of the building's occupants for the better part of an hour on Friday morning.

And if that wasn't mildly disturbing enough, at about 1pm our leadership sent out a base-wide email telling us to go home right then or risk being stuck there in the basement again well into the evening. When the Air Force tells you to GTFO, that's some serious shit. Right?

Except then nothing else happened in our area for the rest of the day. A little bit of rain, some lightening here or there, nothing to have a big hoopla about. They never issued that other tornado warning that everyone seemed to be expecting. But hey, I got a surprise afternoon of paid leave that I didn't have to spend sitting in my bathroom (smallest, most interior room in my bottom-floor apartment) with my cats and my Kindle. Yay for that!

It was a bit of weird day all around, though. I guess what it comes down to is that while I'm not actually afraid of being in Tornado Alley, I just find it more unsettling than the yearly blizzards, hurricanes, and floods that I grew up with, understand, and know how to handle. So it's a new adventure of sorts.

Meanwhile, I have written another handful of pages of my long-lost DW story and of two different Sherlock fics. One is that violin story that's been wandering about in my brain and the other is not yet worth mentioning but may someday turn into something fairly interesting.

I've also started practicing cello again, gone back to the Tennessee Fiddle Orchestra as a violist and violinist, been asked to maybe help record some demo tracks for a local musician, and picked up studying German, Mechanical Engineering, and Tai Chi right where I left off with each of them various months or years ago, respectively.

So, er... I seem to be officially in a manic phase again. Hi!
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