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Authorly Update: Oops, I Did It Again?

Greetings, my lovely flist! I hope you've all been well. For anyone who's interested in what I've been up to since my last disappearance off the Internet, read on.

I graduated this afternoon! Again! I think I probably need to stop doing that, now. I mean, It's getting kinda repetitive. This time it was my second Master's degree. I'm a happy geek at the moment, but also very glad to have survived the last four months of school, to have finished the giant graduate project/paper of doom, and to be leaving academia behind me for the foreseeable future. :-)

Over the next two months I'll be packing up my life, moving it almost 1,000 miles away from the only place I've ever lived, setting up a home of my own (and on my own) for the first time, and starting work as a full-time engineer for the US Department of Defense. It's all a very exciting adventure, and it's also partly sad since I'm moving away from my family and friends. Mostly I just want the whole "moving" thing to be over and done with already, and simultaneously I kinda don't want to go at all. But I'm given to understand that it's normal to feel that way.

I probably won't get back to being very active in fandom until things have settled down, but I'm already looking forward to getting back to work on my various fics-in-progress. I've been enjoying S6 so far but haven't really had the urge to write Eleven. There's still so much Nine and Ten I want to write!

Onward and upward and hopefully more fandom-ward in the not-so-distant future!

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