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Meme: WIP Title List

Yoinked from edenfalling: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

What I actually have is something I call a Plot Bunny Pen where I corral stories that haven't been written yet but that I want to write someday, and not all of them have real titles, just nicknames that I use in my own head. So I've added a short description of each.

Restricting myself just to my DW or TW fics, and including the handful of actual WIPs I'm still working on, we have the following list.

Ones with actual titles:
Hard Time (Support Stacie fic for Taffi)
Veritas in Fabula (OT3 Ficathon fic for Nightrider)
Wolf Pups (and the rest of the GP Universe)
Heat Tolerance, Timestamped (which might involve Donna)
Two Doctors, Timestamped (which will definitely involve Donna)
In Class (Passing Notes sequel, Jack joins them and tries to learn Gallifreyan)
Injury (TW - "Meat" rewrite)

Ones that just have nicknames:
CoE Drabble Series (what it says on the tin)
Five Crossover Conversations (what it says on the tin, includes Methos and Jack)
Fic For Wendy (vaguely based on prompts Wendy has posted at various separate times)
At Callahan's (Nine at Callahan's Place directly after the Time War, a crossover)
Jackie's Adventure (h/c, it's up to Jackie to help Ten rescue both Rose and himself)
Temporal Nausea (either with Nine or Ten, I can't seem to pick one to finish it with)
Time Tot (aka Honey I Shrunk Nine!, an h/c fic which also has dangerous levels of cute)
Dependent (bad!wrong YTNW fic that most likely won't ever see the light of day)
Entirely Too Much Like Arthur Dent (cracky ways Ten is eerily like Arthur Dent)
TV Ep Spoof (cracky spoof of a stereotypical ep of DW)
Fading Away (very vague OT3 story idea, notes for it consist of only the word "parasite")
Ten Out Of Ten (ten short fics in which Ten is in some way pulled out of his usual self)
A Different S1 Ending (a very contrived Dalek plot that probably wouldn't work)
Ten Goes Back to the Ood (h/c piece where Ten hides in the Ood song)
"Adam" Tag (TW - what it says on the tin, involves Ten showing up)
Aftermath Sequel (in which Sarah Jane confronts Jack and/or Martha)
Who He Used to Be (a vague idea in which Jack's past is explored)

If you want, you can ask for one story and I will post a line or two of the draft or outline.


Feb. 18th, 2011 09:10 am (UTC)
Always glad to indulge another Callahan's Place fan. Prepare for some rambling, and then a snippet. :-D

The implications of this crossover have always intrigued me... if you've read all the stories and books you know that Mike is a time traveler. A very advanced time traveler, from really far in the future. To make that work with the DW universe, that pretty much makes his people a second evolution of the Time Lords, this time from human stock. The Doctor would be a very important figure for Mike's people, they'd know a lot about him and his life, including the Time War. And since Mike is active in field work, wandering space and time to fix various things, it's easy to imagine that he would've met the Doctor at some point, and that they would've befriended each other. So of course Nine might go to Mike when he had nowhere else to go right after regenerating, not realizing that Mike must've always known about the Time War and yet never mentioned it.

Hence this story, which is another one I really want to go back and finish someday. It's written like the real Callahan stories: Jake is recounting the tale to Spider months or even years later. So it's in Jake's voice and I do my darndest to mimic Spider Robinson's style. Here's a snippet from the middle of the first scene...

It's a cold, winter evening sometime during the years Callahan's Place was open. The TARDIS has just arrived outside, though nobody but Mike has any clue what the sounds and lights of her materializing meant. Mike has gone out to investigate. Overheard through the open door by those still inside, Nine has just politely apologized and collapsed unconscious in the parking lot. Mike then comes back inside, carrying him. The scene continues:

He kicked the front door shut behind him and said, "Somebody clear a spot, will 'ya?"

We were finally spurred into action and an appropriate length of table was made available. Mike gently put him down, and I put somebody's indescriminately grabbed and rolled up coat under his head. That's when we got our first good look at our visitor.

My first impression was ears in a leather jacket. He had short brown hair, which did nothing to hide his somewhat prominent ears. The jacket he was wearing looked old and beat up, but from the way it hung on him I got the impression that he hadn't been wearing it for long and wasn't quite comfortable in it yet.

Doc Webster reached for his pulse point as Mike poked him once in the cheek and then peeled back an eyelid experimentally.

Doc abruptly said, "Well, if this fellow is supposed to have a lower body temperature and two hearts each with a slower rate than is normal for a human, he's fine. Just out cold."

"Funny," Callahan mused absent mindedly, still peering into the man's apparently unseeing blue eye. "I just carried the big galoot in from the cold."

"I take it he is supposed to have two hearts, then," Doc surmised, valiantly refraining from punning. The fact that the new arrival was apparently not human did not phase him, as aliens are nothing much new for us any more.

"Mmhmmm," Callahan replied, his focus not leaving the man stretched out on the table. He let go of the eyelid, which naturally slid shut again. He placed a hand gently on the unconscious man's forehead and looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he lightly patted the man's face, just forcefully enough to snap him out of whatever state he had fallen into. "Come on, Kiddo. Time to wake up."

"Don't call me that," the guy mumbled irritably, in that distinctive Northern accent. Then his eyes popped open and he gasped, "Mike!"

"Hey, nice to see you, Kid," Callahan replied, smiling paternally. "Though you seem to have changed again since we last met."

The odd comment about changing again aside, this just seemed to irritate the man more. "Honestly, Mike. Do you have to call me that? I'm hardly . . ."

Whatever he was going to say suddenly became less important to him as his eyes widened in realization and he sat up, hiding his face in his hands. "Oh, Rassilon, what have I done?"


Adalia Zandra


This is adaliazandra's fic journal, which she hadn't planned to use very often. That plan has since been defenestrated in favor of posting fic update notices and rambles about DW and TW.

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