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Meme: WIP Title List

Yoinked from edenfalling: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

What I actually have is something I call a Plot Bunny Pen where I corral stories that haven't been written yet but that I want to write someday, and not all of them have real titles, just nicknames that I use in my own head. So I've added a short description of each.

Restricting myself just to my DW or TW fics, and including the handful of actual WIPs I'm still working on, we have the following list.

Ones with actual titles:
Hard Time (Support Stacie fic for Taffi)
Veritas in Fabula (OT3 Ficathon fic for Nightrider)
Wolf Pups (and the rest of the GP Universe)
Heat Tolerance, Timestamped (which might involve Donna)
Two Doctors, Timestamped (which will definitely involve Donna)
In Class (Passing Notes sequel, Jack joins them and tries to learn Gallifreyan)
Injury (TW - "Meat" rewrite)

Ones that just have nicknames:
CoE Drabble Series (what it says on the tin)
Five Crossover Conversations (what it says on the tin, includes Methos and Jack)
Fic For Wendy (vaguely based on prompts Wendy has posted at various separate times)
At Callahan's (Nine at Callahan's Place directly after the Time War, a crossover)
Jackie's Adventure (h/c, it's up to Jackie to help Ten rescue both Rose and himself)
Temporal Nausea (either with Nine or Ten, I can't seem to pick one to finish it with)
Time Tot (aka Honey I Shrunk Nine!, an h/c fic which also has dangerous levels of cute)
Dependent (bad!wrong YTNW fic that most likely won't ever see the light of day)
Entirely Too Much Like Arthur Dent (cracky ways Ten is eerily like Arthur Dent)
TV Ep Spoof (cracky spoof of a stereotypical ep of DW)
Fading Away (very vague OT3 story idea, notes for it consist of only the word "parasite")
Ten Out Of Ten (ten short fics in which Ten is in some way pulled out of his usual self)
A Different S1 Ending (a very contrived Dalek plot that probably wouldn't work)
Ten Goes Back to the Ood (h/c piece where Ten hides in the Ood song)
"Adam" Tag (TW - what it says on the tin, involves Ten showing up)
Aftermath Sequel (in which Sarah Jane confronts Jack and/or Martha)
Who He Used to Be (a vague idea in which Jack's past is explored)

If you want, you can ask for one story and I will post a line or two of the draft or outline.


Feb. 15th, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC)
I'm thrilled to see that your CoE drabble series is in here! Any time you want encouragement or brainstorming help with that one, you know where to find me. It is brilliant and I want more.

The trouble is that I also want just about everything on that list! But this definitely intrigues me and makes me very happy:

Fic For Wendy (vaguely based on prompts Wendy has posted at various separate times)

Can I know more, please?
Feb. 15th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
Of course the CoE fic is on the list! I'll let you know when I'm back to working on it. :-D

The trouble with the fic currently named after you is that I don't even remember exactly what the prompts were. They were from one-off days when you'd posted requests for fic for various reasons. So the prompts were unrelated. Each time I'd start noodling around with the prompt and write a scene or two, but a complete story never coalesced so I never posted anything. Then somewhere along the way I started stitching them together into one single story. It still hasn't coalesced, mostly because I haven't had time to devote to it.

Here are two snippets from it. If they seem like they'd have to be from two completely different stories, that's the multiple unrelated prompts talking. The "stitching together" bits mostly haven't been written, yet. :-)

Snippet 1

Donna is dragging Ten through the TARDIS corridors towards a room she found that she wants to ask him about. She doesn't think he'll want to talk about it, so she's distracting him along the way with conversation.

“How are you not a Spaceman? You’re a man. You’re from Space. So… Spaceman!” she explained logically.


“Unless you’re saying you aren’t a man? I could go back to calling you Alien-Boy,” she continued. She looked through a doorway that looked almost right, but turned out to lead to a swimming pool.

“But I…”

“I mean, you’re definitely an Alien. From Space,” she added, leaving the swimming pool behind. “There’s no denying that. And I really don’t think you’re a girl. So… there you have it. Spaceman.”

“That’s entirely subjective!”

She stopped short and turned to look at him critically.

“Are you saying you are a girl?” she asked pointedly.

“No! That’s not what I’m saying! Donna!” he cried in exasperation.

“What?” she asked innocently, peeking through the doorway they’d stopped near. It was a large closet full of what seemed to be an extensive collection of novelty hats.

“You are very strange,” she told the Doctor solemnly, before closing the door on the hats and starting off down the corridor again.

Snippet 2

In the TARDIS infirmary after a minor accident, Rose and Jack have been unsympathetically making fun of Nine while waiting for the dermal regenerator to warm up.

Two quick passes of the device and his nose was healed. The last of the pain faded as Rose used a fresh cloth to gently clean away the remaining blood.

“How’s it feel?” asked Jack. “Are we done here?”

The Doctor harrumphed and curtly nodded his acknowledgement to Jack. He moved to hop off the infirmary bed. If they were going to laugh at his expense, he was going to go tinker with the inertial dampeners and interior gravity controls. Let them see just how sympathetic he would be when they came crying to him because they’d fallen and bloodied their noses!

Rose and Jack both blocked his way as he tried to head for the door. The Doctor glared at them grumpily.

“I thought we were done?” he grumbled, his pride still wounded.

“Almost,” said Rose. She leaned closer to him, bracing herself against his shoulders, and solemnly kissed his nose. “There, good as new.”
Feb. 16th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Awww! Love the second one, and Donna's just perfect in the first :) I almost don't want them stitched together, because that implies an end to the Doctor, Rose and Jack travelling together... :(

But I'm sure I'll still love what you come up with. Thank you!
Feb. 18th, 2011 08:38 am (UTC)
Glad you liked 'em. I do think you'd like the stitched-together version in the end, but sadly there's so much else I need/want to write first and not enough of that urgent, "Must write this now!" feeling of inspiration for this one.

Though, maybe if you post more unrelated prompts in the future I'll get more ideas. Who knows? :-P


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