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FIC: Please Listen

Title: Please Listen
Author: adaliazandra 
Beta: lindenharp 
Stocking-stuffer for: laura_isaac 
Characters: Ten and Simm!Master
Rating/Warning: just an angsty stocking-stuffer drabble, that's all
Summary: Ten wishes that he could hear what the Master hears.

Please listen.”

For a moment I can hear his desperation and I wish—oh, how I wish!—that I could just hear what he hears.


Anger now, not quite overshadowing the desperation. I feel the pressure of his hands on my face, the heat of his skin touching mine. He’s burning up.

We lean towards eachother, foreheads touching with a soft, jarring bump.

And I hear it. Terrible, maddening, overwhelming, painful… real.

Tap tap tap tap!

I push away from him, but the drums keep echoing in my mind.

I should have been more careful what I wished for.

Tags: doctor who, drabble, fic
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