December 20th, 2008

Authorly Update - Happy!Ramblings

I is can has Christmas vacation! Exams done, last projects presented and handed in. I think I've kept my 4.0, but don't know for sure yet. ::crosses fingers::  I just got home from shopping for tasty things to attempt my mother's famous Italian sauce from scratch. (Worst insult to an Italian: "Your mother's sauce comes out of a jar!")  She and Dad and Big Bro get home Sunday night, hopefully I'll be able to feed them. ::keeps fingers crossed::

Also, I got a lovely card from nightrider101 in the mail today! I've got happy warm-fuzzies, now. ::hugs nightrider101::  My own Christmas cards and packages are all finally mailed out, too. :-D

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Overall Authorly Update: Happy and warm-fuzzy! :-D