January 10th, 2008

FIC: Heat Tolerance Part Five - Fear

Well, I figure there's no point to having a fic journal if I refuse to use it more than once, so I'm going to start posting notices and links to Teaspoon when I update or start new stories.

I'm also contemplating a few fic memes I've seen others do (notably the timestamp meme) and if I ever get up the courage they will appear here as well.

Meanwhile, progress! The next part of Heat Tolerance has arrived, and should be available here depending on quite how the new mod stuff is working at Teaspoon. There should be one more part to this story, unless the characters demand more time.

Since it might be a bit before it appears on the Teaspoon, here's a short teaser for Part Five - Fear...

“Alright, Captain,” she said. “We both wish this was better circumstances, but… get your clothes off.”

Jack spared her an exhausted and worried shadow of his trademark leer before sliding out from behind the Doctor and standing up to efficiently strip himself down to his boxers.

They had done the same to the Doctor hours ago in order to cool him and properly apply the cold compress.

“Come on,” Martha said, rolling up the sleeves on the light sweater she had changed into once they’d returned to the TARDIS. “We’d best do this sooner than later.”