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FIC: On The Structural Uses of Lime Jell-O, a Triple-Drabble

Title: On The Structural Uses of Lime Jell-O, a Triple-Drabble
Author: [info]adaliazandra
Characters: Nine!OT3 with a surprise extra
Rating/Warning: Here there be crack, in case it wasn't obvious from the title. :-D
Prompt: taffimai's delightful prompt from the "I wish someone would write..." post over at betterwiththree... "Wouldn't the lime jello damage the rug? Then the poor bear will have died for nothing." Taken out of context it's wonderfully random and taken in its intended context from the original post it gives the following fic a whole new (slightly disturbing) meaning...
"Are you sure this'll work?"
"Genius, me. It'll work."
"If you say so. I've just never seen Jell-O used for–"
"It'll work. Where's Jack?"
"Here, Doc. How much Jell-O did you say you needed?"
"That looks like enough. Give it here."
"Okay. Now how about you run this by me again."
"Simple. I use the Sonic to freeze the molecular structure of the Jell-O to stabilize the electronics from the toy bear. Just so. Then we step back and... oops."
"I don't think it was supposed to do that, Doc."
"You've done it now. Mum's going to go mental!"
"We'll just clean it up. Be fine, you'll see."
"She's due home any minute, Doctor!"
"Can we hide? Blame it on Rickey?"
"Too late! The door just opened!"
"What have you three done to my rug!? There's green Jell-O everywhere!"
"Now, Jackie, wait just a–"
"Hiding behind the sofa won't save you! You've ruined my rug!"
"Mum! Wait! "
"Time for a strategic retreat, Captain!"
"I said it wouldn't work, Doc! I said so! I said, 'Wouldn't the lime Jell-O damage the rug? Then the poor bear will have died for nothing.' But no. You wouldn't listen..."
"... it'll come out, Mum, don't worry..."
"Get back here, you! You're not too old to take over my knee! None of you!"
"The door, Jack! Quick!"
"Yes, Sir!"
"Get back here! You're going to clean this up!"
"Rose... RUN!"
And so our intrepid heroes make their retreat from a truly frightening foe, leaving behind them an enraged Jackie Tyler, two bowls of molecularly-decomposed lime Jell-O, a rug that in all likelihood would never be saved, and one carefully-disemboweled, electronic toy bear.
Trails of green slime trace their path as they flee the scene, Jackie Tyler's voice reverberating after them.
The End

... told you it was crack. :-D
Tags: crack, doctor who, drabble, fic
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