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Authorly Update - The Pumpkin of Rassilon

I do, in fact, still exist. The scholarship stuff was worked out and now school is settling down into a normal level of graduate-level stupidity. I have little free time, though I do spend a good chunk of it working on my current WIPs.

The rest of it I tend to spend hanging around with my crew of friends, lovingly and collectively referred to as the Horde. This past weekend a subset of the Horde (four of us) got together to carve pumpkins and decorate cookies. It was a wonderful day of stress-free fun.

I attempted and was successful in carving the Pumpkin of Rassilon. There was also a Cookie of Rassilon, which was simultaneously much less impressive and considerably more tasty. See pictures below the cut.

Click through to see larger versions.

LEFT: The Cookie of Rassilon and the Pumpkin of Rassilon.
RIGHT: The Pumpkin of Rassilon glowing! The skin is only scraped away, not cut all the way through.
BELOW: The face I had to carve on the back of the Pumpkin of Rassilon so that the candle inside would have enough air to stay lit.

ABOVE: Various pumpkins. The other two I did are below and to either side of the Pumpkin of Rassilon. (I made an Easter Egg pumpkin!) The two un-carved ones were done by my younger sister. Note how one is licking the other. :-P
BELOW: Various pumpkins glowing. Note the reflection in the window of the face from the back of the Pumpkin of Rassilon. The pumpkin with Japanese on it has the character for "fiery" and was intended to also have the character for "pumpkin" but was unfinished at the time.

LEFT: Cookies I decorated.
RIGHT: More cookies!
BELOW: The real reason for so many pumpkins... lots of roasted pumpkin seeds. A very tasty snack.

So despite mild but irritating stupidity on the part of various professors and classmates over the course of the previous week, this weekend was a fun and tasty success!
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