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Authorly Update - Various Things

Torcwhood Reaction-O-Meter: Sanity has returned. Anger towards RTD is fading slowly. Reaction fic started out as one drabble and will probably be at least six by the time it's ready to post. Overall... I feel slightly sickened by it but willing to look for the good things about the miniseries. It's very well written and acted. There are some great character moments. The fact that RTD utterly failed on the "comfort" part of hurt/comfort means we, the fanfic writers, get to do it for him. Yay for more h/c fic! See, it's all a good thing in the end.

Fic Status Report: My TW reaction drabble series currently has four drabbles and will likely end up with at least six. I'll post it when wendymrdark_aegis, and I agree that it's finished. My main Support Stacie fic for taffimai is going well. Part one is finished, part two is writing itself in my head and will go smoothly when I have time to transfer it to computer. I don't forsee problems for the final part. I still owe a bidding-incentive fic to nightrider101, as well as the rest of her OT3 ficathon fic. I'll get back to them as soon as I'm done with the paid Support Stacie fic. Soon, honest!

My Current Location and Internet-Availability Woes: I'm currently in Monterey, CA, for an orientation/convention concerning my scholarship. The hotel I'm in for the next three days is lovely, with beautiful rooms and amenities, but does not have free wireless in the rooms. You can pay $12.95/day for wired access in the room, but that service won't actually work on my laptop for some reason I can not figure out. (It works on my sister's, though. Damn her.) So my Internet access is limited to the free wireless in the lobby and mezzanine. I'm not the only one here having this issue, so it may be difficult for me to find a comfy place to sit with my laptop during our off-hours. I probably won't be able to get online for much chatting until Wednesday night. :-(  The bright side of this is that I'll have nothing else to do in the room but work on my writing! I can do most of it without Internet access since I've already done a lot of the research (mostly linguistic) for my current fic.

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