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 I watched it.



Jul. 12th, 2009 08:07 am (UTC)
I think you missed the point, but that's okay... this isn't your fandom.

I was sick because I watched it. These are not the Torchwood episodes I will recommend to you if you ever show an interest in the show. (The first two seasons are pretty good and well worth watching if you're interested.) But...


... the miniseries that just finished on Friday was downright sick. Just horrifying. The head writer, who has a habit of outraging the fans in various ways, decided that he would kill off a beloved main character, torture another beloved main character both physically and emotionally until he was about as broken as a man can be, then have that man broken further by forcing him to sacrifice his own grandchild to save the world.

Not to mention having a secondary character murder his two children and his wife before committing suicide all for good reason... until it turned out in the end to have been unnecessary, plus showcasing the absolute worst one can imagine from humanity in the form of governments planning to sacrifice 10% of the world's children (the "worst" 10%, of course) and trying to cover it up afterwards.

Just... some really terrible stuff. We expect dark things from Torchwood, because that's what the show is pretty much for. And this miniseries was really well written, acted, and produced. But what no one can figure out is why in hell the writer decided to tell that story.

So, yeah. Most of this fandom, myself included, is currently going through varying stages of shock, horror, and grief over this. It's epic.

But don't mind me, I'm just a hopeless fangirl. It's also 1am here, and 4am where you are. What are you doing up? :-P
Jul. 12th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
I got the idea that some not-so-happy things happened when I actually bothered to read other comment threads but there was no way in hell I'd've ever thought it could be that horrible. Damn, any one of those occurrences would make a good "horrible shit is happening, be sickened by the darker side of humanity" story. This head writer put all of them in one miniseries?! I didn't even see the thing and now I feel sick too!

*hugs to the entire fandom*


*runs screaming in the opposite direction*
Jul. 12th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
::accepts and returns your hug on behalf of fandom::

The silver lining in this otherwise very dark cloud is the fanfic that's coming out of it. Several awesome writers have done reaction stories that help ease the aftermath, or even fix-it stories that re-write the worst of it.

Meanwhile... I'm off to switch hotels in about an hour. Tonight's the welcome reception thingie for the orientation. Hopefully I'll have a good Internet connection there and will get to spend my free time online. :-)


Adalia Zandra


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