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FIC: Food of Love: Part 2/6

For notes and details, please see the Forward.

By the time they arrived at the museum, Jack’s anticipatory enthusiasm had outgrown even Rose’s.

“I thought you said you knew this place,” Rose said as Jack bounced near the TARDIS door, waiting impatiently for the others to join him.

“Know of it, never been there. Always wanted to go, though!” Jack replied. “C’mon!”

They stepped out of the door and into a stand of trees in a beautiful, wooded park. They emerged unnoticed into a clearing, the Doctor’s parking for once actually concealing the TARDIS’s location.

It was a pleasant walk through the park, during which Jack continued to bounce like an overexcited child while Rose couldn’t stop staring at the sheer variety of life they found themselves amongst.

“During this era, this planet is known for its open-mindedness and tolerance,” the Doctor explained, after Jack had dashed ahead to briefly join in a game of what looked like Frisbee played by what looked to be small, two-legged elephants. “It’s a haven for all forms of life, and a center of cultural education and advancement.”

“That’s why it’s got this museum,” Jack added as he rejoined them. “Every culture from any species that has something even remotely resembling an ear also has music. Throughout the known Universe! It’s amazing!”

Rose and the Doctor chuckled as Jack danced an enthusiastic circle around them as he spoke. Rose thought he looked and sounded just like the Doctor when he was excited about something.

When they reached the edge of the park and stepped onto the sidewalk of a busy street, the Doctor reached out to grab one hand of each of his companions.

“No wandering off, now,” he cautioned them. “This place may be a center of enlightenment, but it’s still a big city.”

Jack was ready to complain that he was certainly not a child the Doctor should feel obligated to look after, but he decided that it wasn’t worth making a fuss. He certainly didn’t mind holding hands, and as they began wading through the large crowds closer to their destination, Jack was honestly grateful that all three of them had a tight grip on each other.

The outside of the museum was nondescript, but massive. Rose didn’t think she’d ever seen a building so big. But since most of the crowd they were fighting through seemed to be heading somewhere farther down the street, they reached the museum’s doors without too much trouble.

“Where are they all going?” Rose asked.

“There’s a big art show at one of the other museums today. So this place will be emptier than usual. Picked it on purpose,” the Doctor replied, sounding very pleased with himself for not only thinking of the idea, but successfully executing it.

“Nice driving, Doc!” Jack said appreciatively, which only made the Doctor’s grin grow larger.

Once inside the building, they were able to finally stand still for a moment and catch their breath. The lobby was as plain as the outside of the building, containing only a large information desk and smaller desk that looked like a ticket station near the only visible door to the interior of the museum.

As it turned out, admission to the museum was free, at least monetarily. But before they were allowed further into the building, each of them had to ‘donate’ a sound sample.

Having no idea what else to do, Rose hummed the first line of God Save the Queen into the recording device. It was apparently satisfactory, because they allowed her to pass.

With a wink for Rose, Jack whistled the opening of Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade, and was also allowed to pass.

With a grin for both of his companions, the Doctor lifted the sonic screwdriver and hit a button that caused its tiny speakers to start playing Glenn Miller’s In The Mood.

The museum employee behind the desk, a roughly humanoid looking individual with fluorescent green skin, nearly jumped out of his seat with a shocked expression and a babbled shout to his superiors. The Doctor was quickly set upon by a gaggle of the green skinned aliens.

Unlike the usual crowd of aliens they found themselves surrounded by, this group was not enraged and out for their blood. They were merely astounded by the sonic screwdriver and its musical contents.

“Sir, may we copy the sounds on your device for our archive?” the apparent spokesperson for the group asked the Doctor excitedly.

“Sure, there’s lots more than just Glenn Miller on there,” the Doctor replied amicably.

“Thank you, sir!” the alien gushed. “We will make sure that you and your party receive the utmost preferential treatment during your visit to our museum.”

“Why don’t you two go on ahead?” the Doctor told Rose and Jack as he was pulled off by the group of excited museum employees. “I’ll find you when I’m done with this lot.”

“See you later!” they replied, amused, before setting off arm in arm to investigate the museum.



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Dec. 29th, 2007 04:47 am (UTC)
Imagine that! The sonic screwdriver actually used for something...sonic! It must be a first.

The Doctor - intergalatic music pirate, arrrrh.
Dec. 31st, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
I know! Arrrrr... what a great mental image! :-)
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