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FIC: Support Stacie Ficlets, Batch One

Typically late, but here they are: My first two Support Stacie bidding-incentive ficlets (I gave up on the idea of drabbles) for Wendy and Wiggie. Thank you both for bidding on me! :-)

ETA: I've added your second ficlet to this post, Wiggie, since it could almost be considered a sequel to the first. :-)

Also, I have class tonight, which is most unfair... but I will definitely be online by 9pm EST to participate in the final auction excitement!

Prompt/Title: Interdependent
Characters: Nine, Rose, and Jack
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Rose, Jack, and the Doctor certainly all depend on each other, but perhaps Jack is particularly dependable in certain ways.
Giftee: the amazing wendymr!

 “Wait... so you're really... all three of you?”

“Is that a problem?” the Doctor huffed. He was seated across the dinner table from an alien monarch, but still managed to look imposing by crossing his arms and glaring.

“No... but... it's just strange, isn't it?” the prince asked. He seemed genuinely curious.

Rose ginned. She figured she would never get tired of being called 'strange' by blue, six-limbed alien princes.

“We complement each other,” she tried to explain. “There's a balance. Each has qualities the others lack.”

“Each makes the others better,” the Doctor added, in that gruff voice Rose knew he sometimes used when he was saying something nice but didn't want to sound like it.

She reached over and pried one of his arms loose so she could hold his hand. When he turned to look at her, she gave him her most brilliant smile.

His stern expression softened, and he gifted her with one of his happy, goofy grins.

Their host cleared his throat pointedly after a moment. When they both turned back to look at him, he was smiling knowingly. Rose tried not to blush, though she knew she couldn't keep her own goofy grin off her face.

The prince shook his head. “I do believe that you're really all together. But I thought humans were... so how do you...?”

He waved two of his limbs in what Rose supposed was a universally suggestive gesture.

Now she was sure she was blushing. A quick peek confirmed that the Doctor's ears were also perhaps slightly pinker than before.

“Er... why don't we let Jack answer your questions about that after his ceremonial dance with the princess?” the Doctor suggested.

“Yeah,” Rose agreed after clearing her throat. “They'll be done in a few minutes, right? And he's really more the one to ask about... that.”

“I see,” the prince said, nodding solemnly. “So he is the one in your partnership in charge of mating activities? If you've divided even those responsibilities amongst yourselves you must truly depend on each other for everything. I find your dedication to each other most admirable!”

The Doctor suddenly appeared to be choking on the sip of water he'd just taken, so Rose patted him on the back in that way one does when someone else appears to be choking.

“I hope I do not offend,” the prince worriedly added. “It's just that you three have done so much for us, and you appear to be such a unique partnership. Such close mutual dependence between three beings is very rare, practically unheard of in my society! But if you wish, I will save my curiosity and question your third partner when he returns. If you depend on him for... that area of your partnership, I do not wish to cause either of you two any discomfort with my questions.”

The Doctor appeared to be breathing again, so Rose grinned at the prince and said, “Thank you. I'm sure Jack would love to talk to you about... that. He really is very dependable that way.”

But this seemed to set the Doctor off coughing again for some reason, so Rose returned to sympathetically rubbing his back. She and the prince shared an amused look across the table while the Doctor tried to catch his breath and regain his composure.

When Jack led the princess back from the dance floor to the table a moment later, he seemed surprised to find the Doctor turned an interesting shade of red while Rose and prince were giggling together like old friends.

“It seems we've missed out on some interesting conversation,” Jack told his companion.

She giggled at him, replying, “Oh, of that I have no doubt!”

“The prince has a question for you, Jack,” Rose told him. If her cheeky smile worried him, he gave no outward indication.

After showing the princess to her seat, Jack returned to his own place and sat. As he picked up his water glass to take a sip, he said, “So what would you like to know, Prince Raumath?”

To his credit, Jack did not choke on his water.

Prompt/Title: Delicate
Characters: Nine and Rose
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Rose engages in some delicate negotiations.
Giftee: the equally amazing wiggiemomsi!


Rose contemplated the tunic in her hands, and the grumpy alien she was about to confront. She felt a little like she was about to attempt juggling a stack of dinner plates. One wrong move would send the whole thing crashing down around her, leading to glaring, sulking, and all manner of unpleasant carryings-on.

She steeled her nerves, bolstered her resolve, and made every effort to look as cute as possible. Then she went to find the Doctor.

She found him in the console room, predictably involved in something complicated-looking. He glanced up at her, then down at the item she was carrying, and then back at the console.

I said no,” he growled. Then he ducked underneath a section of the grating he had left open.

Oh, he was running scared! But this was still clearly going to take everything Rose had, and it was time to bring out the big guns.

She moved over to the opening in the grating, kneeling down and cradling the neatly folded tunic in her lap as she looked down at the Doctor.

Please?” she asked sweetly.

No, Rose,” he replied without looking at her. He appeared to be concentrating on fiddling with something tiny and very nearly out of reach beneath the console.

But I really want to,” she told him, adding just the littlest hint of sorrowful disappointment into her voice.

He glanced up at her, ever so quickly, and she pouted at him. He went back to fiddling, seemingly ignoring her.

She waited.

When he glanced up again a moment later, she was still pouting and had even added a little lower-lip-nibbling to her arsenal. This time he couldn't seem to look away again, and Rose thought he might be about to crack.

She batted her eyes.

His expression softened and Rose knew the battle was won. She had risked a Time Lord meltdown, but the delicate negotiations had been successful!

She nibbled her lower lip again just for good measure.

Oh, go on then,” the Doctor relented, pulling himself back up out of the hole in the floor. “Give it here.”

Rose gave a happy little squeal and handed the garment up to him. Then she hopped to her feet and hugged him within an inch of his life.

Thank you, thank you!”


One hour later, the Doctor stood in a corner despairing for his sanity. How had a nineteen year old Earth girl managed to do this to him?

It was the lip-nibbling, he was almost sure. He'd been doing so well until she'd started with the lip-nibbling. He really needed to work on that.

Not only had she dragged him to a fancy party on an alien world, but she had dragged him to this particular party, which he had once sworn on his multiple lives never to attend.

Oh, yes. Rose Tyler, She Of The Nibbled Lip, had convinced the Last of the Time Lords to swap out his customary leather jacket for a pastel pink, lacy tunic so they could attend the Nicheto Alliance equivalent of a Sadie Hawkins dance.

He was clearly losing his mind.

At least Rose was enjoying herself, looking stunning in her own pastel blue tunic and leggings, mingling happily amongst the crowds of partygoers.

The Doctor had drawn the line at the pink leggings intended for his outfit. Luckily, the traditional tunic was all that was required to enter the dance.

Well, if you could really call that 'luck' in this situation. Yet another blue pastel clad, frilly-bedecked maiden was making a beeline towards his corner with a determined look on her face.

How to escape?

It appeared to be time for another emergency trip to the buffet table. At least the food was good, he admitted as he thought about engaging in a little nibbling of his own.

Suddenly he heard Rose's bright laughter drifting across the noisy room, and found himself smiling. Rose was happy. That was worth a little pastel pink and a few terrifying encounters with single women.

Yeah, he'd pretty much lost his mind.

He'd also lost his chance to make his escape. His current attacker had outflanked him.

Would you like to dance?” she asked him.

Er...” he replied eloquently.

Sorry, but this one's spoken for,” came a heavenly voice, and suddenly Rose was there beside him.

As she pulled him out onto the dance floor, he hissed grumpily in her ear, “You couldn't have rescued me thirty seconds sooner?”

She smiled brilliantly and turned around to kiss him.

Yeah. Definitely worth a little bit of pink.

Prompt/Title: Kissing
Characters: Nine and Rose
Rating: All Ages
Summary: The Doctor thinks about an interesting human habit.
Giftee: wiggiemomsi 

He used to think of kissing as a quaint, and slightly odd, human habit. Swapping saliva for the purposes of... well, he wasn't even sure what. An invitation or a prelude to further activities, one might assume, but he'd learned that this was not necessarily true. Sometimes, he'd learned since that first fateful time Rose had kissed him, a kiss actually meant something entirely different.

I don't really understand what you're saying, and think kissing is more fun than talking, anyway.

I am very, very glad we did not die just then. Aren't you?

You're taking me shopping even though I know you'd rather fight evil space monsters! Yay!

There were other translations as well. Multiple variations on several themes. But as time went on and he was able to experience being kissed by Rose more often... to collect more data, of course... the Doctor slowly began to realize that it all really came down to one very small, very powerful idea.

And if he couldn't bring himself to actually speak the words aloud, maybe the action would help him communicate that most important of messages. Maybe he could still somehow let Rose know how much she had come to mean to him.

Doctor? Are you all right?” the girl in question asked from her perch on the jump seat next to him, breaking his reverie.

What?” he replied. “Of course I am.”

It's just, you were sort of staring into space, like you were miles away,” Rose explained. She touched his arm with one hand, her expression and body language all clearly indicating her concern for him.

He instinctively fumbled a moment for the right words, before remembering what he'd just decided about perhaps not needing them at all. So instead he turned towards her on the seat, bringing both hands up to frame her face.

He stared into her worried gaze for a moment, smiling softly down at her. And then he pulled her into his arms and tried his hand at that odd little human custom he'd become so fascinated with.

As she melted into his embrace and returned his sentiments with enthusiasm, the Doctor knew he'd confirmed yet another translation for Rose's kisses.

I love you, too.
Tags: doctor who, fic, support stacie
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