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Support Stacie - Auction Opens Tonight!

Just a friendly reminder that the Support Stacie April Author Auction opens up for bidding tonight at ll:59pm CST. I'm on the block for a minumum 5,000 word story. You can bid on me here, and on lots of other amazing authors in various different fandoms here. You have to register at Majik's World of Fan Fiction to bid, but it's pretty painless.

I'll be matching the winning bid on me, and will print, bind, sign, and snail-mail a copy of the story to the winner. Also, I'm going to attempt bidding-incentive drabbles for bids of over $25, so don't forget to post a prompt (no restrictions, I'll write 100 words of anything) if your bids go that high! :-D

See you at the auction! :-)
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