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Support Stacie!

Still busy studying. Two days to go...

Meanwhile, I've signed up as an author for the Support Stacie April Author Auction! In case you live under a rock somewhere and haven't heard of this amazing phenomenon yet, it's basically the combined might of Internet fandom rising up to support one of its own through her fight with cancer. In the Author Auctions, authors put themselves on the block and then write a story to a prompt from the bidder who wins them in the auction. Past auctions have raised thousands of dollars, but there's still a long way to go. If you have any cash to spare, please consider bidding on an author or two in the auction! There's an exciting list of authors on the block this time around. :-)

Bidding is from Friday, April 3rd, 11:59pm to Monday, April 6th, 9:00pm (Central Standard Time). My auction/bidding post is here, but the gist is as follows.

I'm offering a New Who fic of a minimum of 5,000 words, with restrictions noted in the bidding post. (Basically, I don't write stuff I don't write. There are no surprises there.) I'm willing to print, bind, sign, and snail-mail a copy of the fic to the winner if they want it, and I'll be matching the winning bid when all is said and done. Whatever someone winds up paying for me, I'll donate the same amount!

During the auction I'll be doing bidding-incentive drabbles for bids of over $25 if you post a prompt with your bid. No restrictions on these prompts... I figure I can write 100 words of just about anything if that's what you want to see. :-)

There is apparently a friendly rivalry between the Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls fandoms in the auction, so let's see if we can't put in a good showing for Doctor Who, and for Stacie!

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