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Authorly Update - So Here's The Plan

Hi there! Long time no blog.

I'm one week away from the HUGE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMS OF DOOM that determine if I've just wasted the last two years of my life and meager income or not. So I'm just a leeeetle bit stressed and busy right now, which is why I disappeared off LJ (this time).

The good news: Only one more week until it's over and done with, hopefully for good!
The bad news: Only one more week until I actually have to get it over and done with.

So here's the plan.

Now until 12:59pm on Sunday, 29 March... study like crazy for exams in Abstract Albebra (Ring and Group Theory, Sylow and Galois Theory), Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces, Diagonalization, Jordan Forms, and Grahm-Schmidt Process), Selected Topics In Math Education (survey of deeper developments of typical secondary level math topics), and Math Materials for Math Teachers (survey of manipulatives, models, and aids used at various levels, in various subject areas of math, in various ways, for various reasons). I'm really not sure which one I consider hardest. They each have their annoying points.

From 1:00pm on Sunday, 29 March, either until I'm done or until 4:00pm, same day... AAAAAAAHHH COMPS!!!!

From when I finish or 4:00pm same day until the next morning... stress-relief-induced panic attack and/or large period of blissful unconsciousness.

From that morning until the Support Stacie April Auction bidding begins on 4 April... try to finish and post the rest of Veritas.

That weekend and week... combination of Holy Week church music stuff (yay extra money!) and hopefully writing something for the auction!

No, I haven't actually signed up for the auction yet, I'm still debating with myself over what to commit to. But I'll get the form in sometime in the next couple of days. :-)

So that's me for the past month and next week or so in a nutshell. Please excuse the Group Theory leaking out of my ears for the foreseeable future, and wish me luck!
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