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Authorly Update - Happy!Ramblings

I is can has Christmas vacation! Exams done, last projects presented and handed in. I think I've kept my 4.0, but don't know for sure yet. ::crosses fingers::  I just got home from shopping for tasty things to attempt my mother's famous Italian sauce from scratch. (Worst insult to an Italian: "Your mother's sauce comes out of a jar!")  She and Dad and Big Bro get home Sunday night, hopefully I'll be able to feed them. ::keeps fingers crossed::

Also, I got a lovely card from nightrider101 in the mail today! I've got happy warm-fuzzies, now. ::hugs nightrider101::  My own Christmas cards and packages are all finally mailed out, too. :-D

I've had a small breakthrough with the planning for my OT3 Ficathon piece. I'm in love with the prompt, and actually having a hard time narrowing down my choices for how to write it! I did a bit of world-building right after I chose the prompt, so I know where the story is set, who the secondary characters are, and what the main plot-arc is. But there are way too many wonderful ways to fill in the details! But I've had a small breakthrough, and now have three pages of scribbled notes about what I think I'm going to do.

Just to make it official: I have not forgotten about GP Who and I fully intend to write the entire set of thirteen stories. It's just going to take me a really long time, I think. :-/

Overall Authorly Update: Happy and warm-fuzzy! :-D


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Dec. 21st, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
Christmas cards are such a wonderful thing!

I'm so glad my card made you smile! :)

And YAY for the authorly update! I can't wait to read whatever wonderful stories you have planned for us!
Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:39 am (UTC)
Yours is actually my first real non-family and from-my-friend-not-my-parents'-friend and came-in-the-mail Christmas card! My group of RL friends usually doesn't bother with them. It was really neat when I got it in the mail, and I loved your note!

I'm also all excited to hear how you like the card I sent you. I tried to be thematically appropriate on multiple levels, and had a fun time with it. ::grin::
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