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Authorly Update and Support Stacie!

I've not disappeared again, I just haven't had much to say. I've been busy working on my OT3 Ficathon story. (I've written a whole page! Wow.) I'm actually really excited about it. I love the prompt for multiple reasons... it's going to be fun. :-)

School, meanwhile, remains school. I could rant for a few paragraphs about not getting tuition support or an on-campus job for various stupid reasons and therefore being stuck in unemployed-full-time-student limbo.. but I won't. I'm over it. ::nods:: I'll likely be looking for work at a tutoring center like Sylvan or Huntington in the new year, while I frantically finish applications for other programs in the hopes that somebody will give me money to stay a full-time student. Grumph.

But that wasn't why I decided to post this morning! The Support Stacie auction is going on right now. You need to register to bid. There are some great authors to bid for! Have I mentioned lately that I am overawed by the generous and magnificent awesomeness that is Fandom?

Tags: authorly update, support stacie
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