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Authorly Update - OT3 Ficathon and CoT Awards

My appologies to anybody who might have wondered where the hell I'd gone and if I'd ever be back. I hit something of a fandom burnout and didn't even log on to Live Journal for a couple of months. It feels stupid now, but keeping up with all the comms just got to be so time consuming. Once I skipped a couple of days, it was so easy not to go back. RL is busy enough on its own.

But I missed fandom. Mostly I miss you guys, my crazy fellow fans. And I miss working on my big, involved series stories. So I'm trying to ease back into fandom. I've cut back on comms, so hopefully it won't feel overwhelming again. I'd rather follow individual journals.

The next step for me is signing up for the OT3 Ficathon 2008. Time is running very short for prompt posting, so if you're interested, be sure to head on over and take a look. Ficathons = awesome! :-D

In other news, I got an email telling me that someone (thanks, whoever you are!) had nominated one of my stories for the Children of Time Awards. I've never been in a fic awards contest before, so that's pretty exciting for me. :-)
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