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Not that this actually affects my online presence (or lack thereof), but I'm being kidnapped on a family vacation to Florida at noon. We're taking the autotrain down and then back up again on the 31st. Meanwhile, everywhere we're staying has glorious wireless internet, which is why this should not affect my online presence (assuming I wind up having one again soon). My laptop is coming along with, so I can ostensibly spend this vacation getting some work done... mostly writing of various sorts including music, fic, school, and possible job application.

You can see what my priorities are. :-)

Meanwhile, when my Teenaged Mutant Little Sister (aka the TMLS) returned from her trip to England a few weeks ago she brought back some neat swag for me! She took pictures of it so I could post about it here but then promptly failed to send me the pictures. But I've finally got them, so now you can see the cool stuff!

Full-sized closeups behind the cut, but here's a preview.

The most obvious thing in the preview pic is the big honking print of David Tennant's face. It's a print of a pencil sketch done by somebody named Jonathan Wood and it's simply spectacular!

Here's a closeup of the rest of the swag in the preview pic. A couple of magazine-type things, some silly roller toy things, and some random UK coins.

Of course, the copy of Doctor Who magazine came with an inflatable toclafane attached. It's just big enough to sit comfortably in your hand, or to hang from your ceiling on dental floss just inside your door so unsuspecting visitors get bonked in the head with it. :-D

Having just taken a photography course as part of her trip to Oxford, the TMLS decided to take some artsy pictures of the swag. Here are three that I kinda like.

And, to round things out, here's a pic the TMLS later took of her birthday sketch/present to me from last year. If I can't sketch like Jonathan Wood, I wouldn't mind at least being able to sketch as well as the TMLS does!

Well, there you have it. The photography skills of the wonderful TMLS showing the neat stuff she brought home for me from England. :-D


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Aug. 15th, 2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
Oh! I love all the DW goodies! You're a very lucky sister! The picture of the Doctor is gorgeous. :)

On a side note, welcome to Florida! Enjoy our sunshine. :D

I'm sure you'll see my other message. I hope we get a chance to meet up!
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