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FIC: Clavicle, a drabble series

Title: Clavicle
Author: Adalia

Characters/Pairings: Nine, Rose, Jack
Categories: Friendship and early OT3

Ratings/Warnings: Teen-ish. Off-screen injuries and a bit of on-screen licking.
Summary/Teaser: All Jack sees... is a collar bone.

Author's Notes: So, Wendy posted this awesome drabble tag and I couldn't resist participating. Then she said I should write more of that story, so I added two more drabbles. If you haven't yet, you should definitely take the time to look through all the wonderful drabbles the game of tag has spawned! And you should definitely think about participating. You know you want to... :-D

Links to my comments on the drabble tag post:

Drabble One: Jack    |    Drabble Two: Rose    |    Drabble Three: Nine

Drabble One: Jack

All Jack sees, as he lies crumpled and twisted and pinned, is a collar bone.

He doesn’t think about the explosion, the fear, or the pain.

All he sees is a collar bone, exposed where a leather jacket slipped and a woolen jumper was pulled out of shape.

The bone’s owner is frighteningly still, but he doesn’t think about that, either.

He just stares at pale skin stretched over gracefully curving bone.

He thinks about licking it.

Later, after Rose has rescued them and they are all safe, he tries it.

Rose giggles, and the Doctor takes it surprisingly well.

Drabble Two: Rose

Most of the time, Rose isn’t afraid. She knows her boys will protect her.

Then she sees them disappear beneath a collapsing building, and knows real fear.

Freak accident, the natives whisper. Terrible damage. No survivors.

She shouts in angry denial until someone listens and a rescue effort begins. Then she helps, watching bodies and a few lucky survivors emerge.

She’s there when her boys are found, trapped and injured. One unconscious, the other delirious, but both miraculously alive.

Sometimes, Rose is afraid. She knows her boys can’t always protect her.

So sometimes, she’ll just have to protect them instead.

Drabble Three: Nine

Her first reaction is amusement.

But he doesn’t push away Jack, who’s determinedly licking his collar bone, and Rose apparently takes that as license to join in. She approaches him slowly.

He eyes his torn and discarded jumper balefully. It has abandoned him in this time of need.

They’re in the infirmary. Jack’s injuries were awful. Perhaps he’s grateful? Perhaps he’s gone mad.

Rose is beside him now, watching avidly. Jack suckles and it’s all he can do not to squeak in surprise.

Time Lords don’t squeak. They might moan manfully, with proper motivation.

Rose leans in.

The Doctor squeaks.

At the moment I'm not planning to add any more, but who knows.... if the mood strikes I'll add to this post. :-)


Jul. 4th, 2008 12:30 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting. :-D


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