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FIC: The Volga Boatmen

Title: The Volga Boatmen
Characters/Pairing: Nine/Rose/Jack early OT3-ish.
Rating: All Ages
Summary: He watches them dance.
Author's Note: Wrote this drabble for bulky_monster, who prompted me with one of my favorite bits of music: "Song of the Volga Boatmen" by Glenn Miller. Hope you like it! :-)

That first night was not the only night spent dancing in the console room. It had become tradition.

They would always play at least one Glenn Miller tune. That had become tradition, too.

The Doctor would dance with Rose but watch Jack, shooting the Time Agent darkly warning looks.

Jack would stand aside to watch them dance, dreaming optimistically.

Rose would notice Jack’s faraway expression when her dance with the Doctor ended.

“Jack? What’cha thinking?”

“Just happily imagining some sexy Russian sailors,” he’d answer. “Don’t mind me, I’m only daydreaming. I’m perfectly innocent.”

“You’d better be,” the Doctor would reply.
Tags: doctor who, drabble, fic, music
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