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FIC: GPW1.02 - Wolf Pups 2/8 - Nesting Syndrome

Here I am, posting fic from work. Isn't it grand? I give you part two of Wolf Pups.

And a teaser...

The TARDIS solidified with a familiar thunk and Jack stretched his mind outward to feel the newly-arrived telepathic presences of both the time ship and her pilot.

He received a warm response from the Doctor and merely a distracted telepathic brush from the TARDIS. He could feel her reaching past him, searching for something, someone, else.

And then, as the TARDIS door swung open and the Doctor made his usual dramatic hop over the threshold, Jack felt Sweetheart reaching out tentatively towards the elder TARDIS’s questing mind.

ETA: This is apparently post #42 to this journal. That makes me happy for no real reason other than my impressive levels of sheer geekery. :-D
Tags: doctor who, fic, gp who, wolf pups
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